Monica Lucas is a widely experienced business adviser, brand and retail consultant with a 40 year track record in consumer, leisure and B2B markets.

She has a deep insight into the factors that make customers buy and what businesses need to do to become more competitive and improve sales and profits. She understands the differences that nuances of geography, class, taste and culture can make to the success or failure of business. Her recommendations are insightful, practical and actionable. Her work has ranged from advising large multi-nationals on brand strategy and conducting due diligence for major private equity investors on proposed acquisitions through to helping owners of single shops and start-up enterprises to get onto the right track.

Following retirement from full time consulting in Pragma Consulting, the firm she co-founded 30 years ago, Monica is now dividing her time across a broad range of activities including study, writing, travel, networking, and giving business and commercial advice.


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